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Dr. Straile's Top 40 List

This downloadable Top 40 List was generated by Dr. Bernard Straile after decades of clinical experience determining which frequencies were most often problematic for the harmonization of an individual’s health. This basic top 40 list represents the everyday frequencies that surround us. By assessing and addressing these top 40 items, we can be well along the road to health. First, we go to the Allergen Panel and find the Basic Items Database. Many practitioners start with item #1, running this item with all the Additional Feedback selections and the Quick Cycle checked, programmed to apply harmonizing frequencies for 20 minutes. Once this frequency has been rectified to 100 percent, the next item on this list is addressed in the same manner, but 3 days later. This process of addressing each subsequent item one at a time for 20 minutes each, 3 days apart, can be applied sequentially to all 40 items. Obviously, this process would take 120 days but during this time there are many other protocols that can be worked on as well while this significant harmonization of the fundamental building blocks of life takes place.

When these various items register as incoherent energy, bioenergetic feedback can rectify these frequencies leading to a reduction of hypersensitivity and an energetic shift toward healing and health. One might describe an area of challenge as a shrill screeching sound if you were able to hear it. Once we have applied quantum bioenergetic feedback to this incoherent frequency, this item will be in harmony with a frequency more resembling a beautiful symphony.


The 10 Root Cause Panels

This is a downloadable table to assist IMAET practitioners and owners to discover how they can determine many of the root causes of chronic illness by navigating the Allergen Panel and running a Bioscan. A practitioner can use the search words on this table for each of the ten categories of root causes. Once the search word is entered, a list of items materializes for the various categories in a specific search. Then, the practitioner can use the Test Single Item feature to determine where the problems lie. The numerical value that appears gives us valuable insights.

The 10 Root Cause Panels are Mold, Parasites, Lyme, Viruses, Bacteria,
Fungus/Candida, Radioactives/Radiation, Agricultural Toxins, Industrial Toxins, and Vaccines. Beyond these 10 categories are a few bonus categories: Mast Cell Activation, Cytokine Storm, and Cancer Risk. Note that there are three categories missing that are also root cause factors, but these are addressed in other panels of the IMAET. They are toxic Heavy Metals, Nutritional Deficiencies and Emotions.


Clinical Assessment Form

This downloadable document is a 14-page clinical symptoms questionnaire that is designed to identify those symptoms linked to a specific area of root cause concern. Once a client has filled out this questionnaire with total transparency, the practitioner will have valuable insights into the nature and severity of the health challenge and its root causes.

Once the practitioner has the symptom totals of each of the Clinical Assessment categories, these scores can be compared to the outcome of the 10 Root Cause Panels report of findings. These two sets of data will corroborate each other in determining what things lie at the heart of the person’s chronic illness. This in turn will offer direction to the pursuit of an effective clinical protocol. During treatment a practitioner will want to repeat the assessment of certain categories of concern that were originally discovered in the 10 Root Cause Panels report. This will convey a sense of treatment progress and provide insights into any potential change in protocol focus. These two assessments may be used in conjunction with other lab tests to further corroborate these findings, if desired.


Pyroluria Questionnaire

This downloadable document is to assist IMAET practitioners and owners to discover if they or their clients might have pyroluria which is a condition mentioned in several chapters of this book. If it is suspected that someone may have pyroluria contributing to a health profile, this is an easy symptom questionnaire to administer, and it is also readily found on the internet by searching pyroluria questionnaire. Many people are unknowingly impacted by this condition. Once identified, steps can be taken to remedy the condition and its many consequences.

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