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You have stepped into the 

Wonderful World of Quantum BioEnergetics

Where Things Work at the Speed of Light

Hello, Quantum Friends!

I am Dr. Carolyn Flanary.

BioEnergetics is my Love Language.

BioEnergetic Feedback is my SuperPower.

Our mission for the Quantum BioEnergetics Academy is to offer an award-winning virtual program that caters to all students of IMAET Quantum BioFeedback Technology around the world. Founded in 2022, we provide flexible self-paced learning modules for all types of passionate learners who wish to know more about remote frequency healing and chronic illness alternative treatment.

Picture of the Quantum Bioenergetics Academy founder,Dr. Carolyn Flanary

My Gift To You

Please download my shareable eBook entitled,

"Why Should BioEnergetic Feedback Be Your New SuperPower?" to help your understanding of Quantum BioEnergetic Feedback. 

Our Courses

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Quantum BioEnergetics Academy

​A 6-Month Deep-Dive

IMAET Training Academy

    You will learn how to use

    BioFrequencies to:

  • Address emotional trauma & imbalances

  • Change human performance & overall energy

  • Identify frequencies of pathogens & other root causes

  • Alter neurological connectivity & epigenetic expression

  • Communicate cellular stress & alert the immune system

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Group Foundational Detox

A 4-month

Wellness Course

This is a program designed to provide a wellness course for a health participant to enter into a group "Do It Yourself" Foundational Detox Program without the direct supervision required for those people who need a more "hands on coaching" approach for a more comprehensive six month detox strategy for the more complicated case.

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A 7-week

Wellness Program

This is a 7-week program designed to take the health participant through a learning journey on the underlying principles, methods and rationale for pursuing a Keto diet leading to empowering the participant to successfully complete a 5-day water fast or another similar fast of their choosing.

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