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The Quantum BioEnergetics Academy is designed to take the owner of an IMAET Quantum BioFeedback System through a 6-month deep dive journey of discovery of the many assessment and therapeutic panels and the tens of thousands of BioFrequencies they have at their disposal with their IMAET. The Academy Portal houses various channels for sequential modular training videos and deeper learning along with downloadable Resources and recordings of Live Q&A Zoom calls throughout the month. One of the channels is called the Feed which provides an interactive chat space for the Academy Community. Here can be found a healthy exchange of ideas and success stories among the participants. The Portal will remain a ready place of reference to enable the members to go back to replay and find various subject materials and training videos which have been labeled and systematized in the set of the six self-paced monthly modules. Absorbing the information month by month, it is our goal to maximally empower all participants to achieve a high level of understanding and skill in the navigation of their IMAET to impact the health of those we love.

Quantum BioEnergetics Academy

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